Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To much fabric so little time

So i have a fabric addiction. I noticed in the crafty blog world that this is a common addiction and i am one of many. With that said i ordered a bunch of Amy Butler fabric that i did not need. From my favorite online fabric sore If anyone knows of any online stores with better deals let me know. Anyways i needed to use some of this fabric that has been burning a hole in my fabric bin. My little one is getting big and i really don't need th huge diaper bag anymore B"H. I have seen these diaper/wipe cases and love them so i whipped up my own quick 10min. version. I love it so much and now i don't have floating diapers in my purse . Yaaah!

1 comment :

blazedanielle said...

Oh I just LOVE Amy Butler fabric! I used one of her patterns on my tooth-fairy print! Haha! It's so gorgeous! :)

great choice!!