Friday, April 4, 2008

Yom Tov clothes ? I'm here to help

The search for decent priced Yom Tov and Shabbos clothes for myself is always a challenge. The winter is much easier for me because i can wear a lot of shorter skirts and boots, but spring and summer is a challenge. I hate my legs and will only wear long skirts in the summer and spring. Long skirts are not always in so finding them is at times hard, unless you shop in the highly overpriced frum stores. Well i am here to help this Pesach. I have been ordering clothes online and i am going to review my favorites for you and where to buy.
Lets start with this beautiful skirt i ordered from Newport News. This is a cheesy store but they do sell long skirts year round. This skirt is very long a floor sweeper at that and i love that ( hate just at the ankle skirts). It fits so well, falls on the hips and is straight and flares, but not mermaid style. Its a satiny shiny rayon ( its a little shiny but nice for yom tov) . I ordered the salmon color . I also googled coupon codes and found a 20% and free shipping. I ordered other skirts and will review when i get. Have you found a Yom Tov sore let me know and i'll post it. I also wanted to point out that this skirt is just like the Anthropologie skirt here but for A LOT less.

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Anonymous said...

Love the skirt. I am going to that link. xoxo