Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Upshernish pics are here!!!!!!

Finally pictures from Dovie's Upshernish (3 yr old hair cutting ceremony). I had so much fun making everything from the food to decorations. Here are a few pics i'll upload more tomorrow( blogger up loader is taking years).We had an amazing photographer as you can see. If you live in the MD/DC area i recommend her. Enjoy!


Susan Anderson said...

Blogger uploader does take forever! It drives me batty sometimes! I love everything, Sheva, from the cute titles for treats (bracha buttons) to the oh-so-cute yamulka (?) cookies. You are a true talent. I wish I was this crafty but I also wish I could boil water without burning it, LOL. Can't wait to see more!

Libbie said...

AAAAAH!!!! these are waaaay too cuuuute!!! please help me with mine!!! I love the candies, cookies, sweets. Beautiful work, Ali!
(miss you!!!--come visit us!)

Maya said...

Wow, the decorations and the food looks amazing! Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see more.