Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vintage Red

I think it is pretty obvious i love all things vintage. Clothing, hair, prams, decorating , you name it. So why is it that i don't wear vintage red lipstick everyday. Really people if i love the look why not flaunt it. No 1940's /1950s house wife would be seen without it, so why do i go without. In every pic of myself that i can actually stand i am wearing red lipstick . It is true red lipstick is my fashion friend. I have decided to do a 30 day pledge ,if i can wear red lipstick for 30 days then i will have won the battle and created an absolute fabulous new habit.
Here are the RL cons..
* gets on the teeth like that is its only job
*gets all over the kids as i smooch them up
*gets on my scarfs
*impossible to wear on Shabbos
* can not wear heavy eye makeup , because u will go from glamour to trash.
* should be matte to get the vintage look and matte lipstick can be drying.
Here are the pros..
*You look like a movie star 24/7

I will be doing this challenge with my favorite tube of Mac Lipstick i forgot what number but i will post later.

1 comment :

Susan Anderson said...

I wish I could wear red. I'm too pale to carry it off. I love vintage and 1940's glam. I hope you do well with this challenge :)