Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm hiding

I'll be honest with you all Ive been hiding. I recently received a not so nice comment about my Rozie here on my blog and it scared me. I debated shutting it down, removing it from the public, etc. In the end i decided to keep doing what I'm doing, and that is holding my head high and taking everything with stride.
Someone commented to me that Rozie was a punishment from G-d . When i saw this it shocked me, then i was sad, then i went all momma bear and tried to convince my husband to use all his computer skills to find this wimpy anonymous commenter and i would show them what a punishment from G-d really is. Then i calmed down and started to think "is this a punishment from G-d"(Don't worry i don't think that i was just thinking) anyways as a Jew i s not so much in our thought process to believe in Punishment from Hashem. We really don't believe in the fire and brimstone philosophy, its just not the Jewish way. We believe everything in this world, the good and what does not feel like good, is all from Hashem, so it must be good. Whith that said what about Tikkun, repairing, healing, fixing. We believe that if your children have been sick or you've been in a terrible accident that one may need a Tikkun, so you check your Mezuzahs and your Tefillin, or give more Tzedakah.All this to hopefully "repair" what Hashem has in store for you, but does a child born with special needs need a Tikkun? Should i have checked my Mezuzahs after Rozie was born? The answer is simple, No. Hashem has made this world so wonderful and unique and there must be many types of people to create this wonderful place we all live.My Rozie doesn't need a repair and she is not a punishment, but part of Hashem's great big plan and i'm so happy that our family has been blessed from Hashem with the huge Brocha of raising sucha beautiful Neshama in this world, and hey maybe if i'm wrong and i am being punished i'll take my punishment everyday with the biggest smile on my face. Everyday we merit in the Yiddishe and Chassidishe Nachas of raising our daughter and sons in the ways of Torah, to chuppa, and good deeds.


Becca said...

"Hashem has made this world so wonderful and unique and there must be many types of people to create this wonderful place we all live."

What wonderful and inspiring words! I'm so sorry you had to receive such a rediculous comment from such a coward. Don't let that deter you from sharing Rozie with the world here. When you realize how much your blog helps and inspires other people (you'll realize this as she gets older, and newer parents find you here as they, too, look for answers), you'll be happy you kept it up and running. :-)

Erin said...

There is one thing about the internet, it emboldens people to say things they would never say to someone's face. This person was just a bully and a jerk. I'm sorry though that it happened to you. Of course it's not true, it's ridiculous is what it is. All children are blessings.

To Love Endlessly said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been in hiding because of someone and their ignorance. Your little one is certainly not a punishment, but a celebration full of beauty and spirit. Shame on them for not seeing G-d in her and good for you for standing strong. :-)

Maya said...

The fact that the comment was left anonymously says everything about this person. I hope you will continue to blog and share your talents and the pictures of your beautiful kids with us.
And about the comment - that's the reason we have a delete button.

one_plustwins said...

Sheva, I really wish this had never happened. You have said before your community is very close knit and accepting of Rozie. You are certainly blessed.

This spineless, anonymous nabal fool will get his just punishment some day. And in the meantime you continue to revel in your Brocha/blessings for your Neshama.

And keep that head held very high!

taraleovna said...

Your post leaves me speechless. Your words are potent. You are blessed with a family made of gold. Every brief moment we have connected you have brought me another step forward in my jewish life. Thinking of you and your family is not just inspirational--it offers me a source of focus to avoid thinking about what I am putting behind me as I become more observant. I don't know that I can offer a greater complement. Keep the blog please.

Miriam Leah said...

oy the things people say! my grandmother used to always say "sticks and stones might hurt my bones but words will never hurt me". SO not true! the pain someone can cause verbally can be far worse than say a broken leg. even if its not true! Hashem gives special neshamas to special parents!

taraleovna said...


"MRS" menucha said...

That commenter couldn't be more wrong. Rozie is a big Brocha and we all love her.
Glad your going to keep the blog up, we'd miss you!
love, Menucha

Daniel said...

Well said! On the subject of tikkun, it's worth noting that this coward's remarks weren't simply false, but that the exact opposite may be true. I've heard it brought down in the name of certain poskim that a child born with special needs is a neshama whose tikkun is more complete than most other people. The soul is on such a high level that it may be that their purpose, that which the soul was unable to fully realize in previous incarnations (if you believe in that sort of thing, which I think, please correct me if I'm wrong, finds support in our esoteric/chassidishe traditions), is to serve as a recipient for the chesed of others. That being the case, Hashem restricts the bechira of this lofty neshama so that no harm will befall it.

I really wish I could remember who it was, but I remember reading of a certain gadol who would stand up in the presence of a developmentally-disabled person, the same way one is noiheg to do when a rav enters the room.

As for it could potentially mean for you and Charles, there is the classic "punishment from above" scenario, which appeals to simple-minded antagonists, and one who automatically assumes that if something is challenging, then it must be bad. But in light of the above, it seems more likely to me that being given a child with special needs a sign of divine approbation than censure. It's G-d saying "I have a very special neshoma that I'm putting into a body that will face many challenges. This child will in turn need very special parents who will be able to raise her with a great deal of extra patience and extra love. It won't be easy, but I think you're up to the job!"

Seriously, I can't even begin to express how much I admire you and Charles, and how much of an inspiration your family is. You've got a great blog - don't let some anonymous hater spoil it for you and your fans. Worst case scenario, chas v'shalom, they come back, you'll have your hubby trace the account, and we can hire some old-timey get busters to take care of it. (

Sheva said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments i always say when i feel down i rally up my troops to keep mw marching forward.
Dan: that was truly beautifully written, thank you

TheRichinsKrew said...

My husband found your blog today and it has been a delight for us to read. Thank you!

We have been blessed to birth two children with Down syndrome (yes, you read that correctly).
Please know that we KNOW that those born with Down syndrome are a true blessing and we (all) are the lucky ones.
Keep up what you are doing. Do not allow one person to discourage you. It is just one small person, who does not know better!

JLTan said...

I concur with the general message of your post. G-d does orchestrate everything and He is good, gracious and loving ... even at the times when he corrects or punishes. I think that anonymous commenter either lacked understanding or was just mean.

You can set up you blog such that people do not comment anonymously in the future if you want to.

My Journey as a Mom to 3 Young Boys said...

I just came across your blog today and I had to comment. That person is clearly not a parent as a parent loves their children unconditionally as children are all blessings!!! What a cruel and heartless person. Keep your head up high and cherish your babies! they are adorable.

Beth said...

I believe that Rozie is an extra big blessing from HaShem because not only is she a beautiful, precious baby, but because she obviously has such a high neshamah. HaShem must truly love and protect your family in order to trust such a little tzaddikis into your care.

G-d made so many wonderful different kinds of people for this amazing world that we live in - Rozie is an essential, inspiring, amazing little person that this universe just wouldn't be the same without.

Love to you and your family!

Nicole said...

Wow. People are absolutley disgusting. How could anybody look at the beauiful little face and see anything less than a blessing from somewhere wonderful??

Keep on keepin' on Mama!!

-Nicole (the bonnet lady :)