Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hole Side Living, Ha Ha!

Part of my new life with a chronic disease is blood work.I am constantly having blood work done. I feel like sometimes my life is appointments, blood work, waiting, results, and relief, not a way to live. I realized the other day that this is it , this is what Hashem want for me right now. I will forever be monitored, and honestly that is ok, because i have life to be monitored, it could be a lot worse. So as i packed up the kids in the van yesterday to have some, yes you guessed it, blood work done, i did a u-turn and decided to have the work done at Quarry Lake.
Let me tell you about Quarry Lake. This is a development that went up in my neighborhood a few years ago, made up over priced homes and a fancy shopping center all centered around a Quarry, also know as a huge hole. My husband and i use to laugh and laugh at the billboards "Beautiful Quarry Lakeside Homes" and we were like more like "hole Side homes" hahahaha.
Then one day we noticed after a few years of huge storms that the Quarry filled and it became this beautiful lake. Look who is laughing now, not us.
What is my point here... My point is that i have decide that if things like blood work are now my life, i'm going to make the best of it.
Im going to do blood work at Quarry lake,and enjoy the view,and gorgeous sunset ( even if it is at 4pm) window shop all the fancy boutiques, and hey give up a few pints while I'm at it. Now that is living.
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Miriam Leah said...

GORGEOUS pix!!!!!! esp love the first one with dovy's arm around rozie! ive never really checked out the quarry, i really should! good luck today!!!

Amy said...

Sheva, your photography never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think it can't get anymore beautiful, you wow me again!! Absolutely stunning. You know, I'm shopping around for a photographer to take an extended family portrait- are you interested in the job? ;)

Erin said...

Beautiful photos! Great outlook on life, love this post!

Rikal Kaler said...


These photos are stunning! Precious moments...

Dovy is adorable and Rozie is one of the most beautiful baby I've ever seen, she's a total beauty ka"h!!

Anonymous said...

I have a (baby) sister with down syndrome, and i can relate to EVERYTHING you say on your blog! so many things that i think about you put them so well into writing. My sister is the greatest joy that ever entered my life, and the life of my family! we love her more than anything and like you say she is BEAUTIFUL! and i love that you are trying to bring more awareness- I've been thinking that i really want to do that, but i never knew how... i want the world to see the beauty that i see ever since my sister was born. I feel so so so lucky to have such a special sister! Great Blog!

chanalesing@blogspot.com said...

stunning pics, just beautiful...

Nechama said...

Wow... someone mentioned i should check out your blog and im pretty much blown away. Firstly, your kids are k"h beautiful! Secondly, your words are perfect and inspiring. My perfect little daughter has Spina Bifida and i understand so much of what you are writing in your blog. I too, love every single ounce and being of my daughter. I dont think there is a way of describing the love- i think because you put SOO much effort in them and you get soo much back, it just makes your heart swell with even more love. Am i rambling? Anyway, keep it up- love reading it.

Devorah said...

Your attitude amazes me! You choose to be positive and happy even when you have to be busy with blood work and all that comes along with it...wow!

And those pictures are absolutely beautiful - as is your family!