Friday, November 19, 2010

Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut

WHEWWWWWW I had one of those days yesterday, the kind of day im sure each and one of you have had. The kind of day when your head finally hits the pillow ,you wonder....did i really survive that day? Everything went wrong, everything. Dovie had off from school and i planned a fun filled day of zoo visiting a lunch at the park, and none of it happened. Dovie refused to get dressed, out right refused.
I think the lack of schedule in the day really threw him off. Rozie,well everything was bugging her, mostly when her brother would sit on her, for some reason she doesn't like that. Rozie therapist showed up right in the middle of a huge diaper leak that only could be solved by an immediate immersion in the tub. I had a million Little Rozie orders to fill and a million packages to send out AHHHHHHHHH. I finally gave up on the day and threw the kids in anything that resembled warmth and shoved them out the door.I couldn't even find socks that matched, i think the purple sock belongs to my teenage son.
I let Dovie play with huge dangerous sticks ( what is with boys and sticks?)
and i fed Rozie large quantities of Aleph-Beis cookies chop full of white floor and sugar.
We sat on the front stoop like this just waiting for Tatty to come home and when he did. I looked at him and said" You kids, me in the bath, door will be locked" and i was out of there.Some days in my little shtub are just like this and that is living life. Good days, and not such great days, exciting days, and never get out of your PJs kind of days, but in the end even on these kind of days you look at your sleeping little faces and think ahhhh my life is good, because when you "Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut" then things are good, really good. With that said i have news...
They came, they finally came. If you are a new reader than read here to understand why i am re-instituting this amazing campaign. Many of you have requested bracelets and they will be up for sale in my shop. Please click the link here to purchase one.If the link doesn't work right away give it a few days.It is erev Shabbos people. Good Shabbos !!!


Miriam Leah said...

sheva, next time come over!! sorry the zoo didnt work out-i guess it was meant to be!!! no, it WAS meant to be for whatever reason. love the mismatched socks-u do know they sell socks like that right?? :) have an amazing, relaxing and beautiful Shabbos, Sheva dear! and so happy the bracelets came!!! said...

Oy I know those days. It's like
"Don't you guys know how badly I'm trying to show you a good time!! Can't you just go with it??" But I think if my kids behaved perfectly all the time though, they would be like little adorable puppies, cute but at some point gets boring!!!
Anyways Good shabbos, hugs to the kiddies:)

Cole said...

That is a lovely thought- I heart it! And what a great way to keep it present in your mind and the bad at bay. Will be looking for them in your shop! Yay!

Nana Rita said...

Alisheva, first so sorry about your dear friend.
Then, you don't have to write a book. You already have.
Take all your Shtub blogs and put them together.
What a wonderful, creative writer, photographer etc. you are. you have so many subjects in your life and when you speak from your heart you are Hashem's messenger.
Collect, collect, collect and give to the world.
Your words are too Great to leave here for those of us only.

Devorah said...

We all have those days. If everything would go smoothly every day, life would be boring...
And btw, I love your daughter's shoes!!