Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perfect life

Yesterday I received an email from Chanale saying that she reads my blog. Yes you read that right CHANALE!!! Rozie and i are the biggest Chanale fans we dance and dance to her music all the time, and if you are not a Jewish music listener, or you are and don't know who she is then go here and here to check her out. I was so excited to get her email, I'm a fan of a fan. Thanks Chanale for your emails and sweet notes. But some days there can be other emails, too. In my blog i put myself out there i know i do. I try to keep things open and raw i express myself freely as possible, so i know that can bring the negative. I was mocked recently and was accused of creating a "perfect life" on this blog. I know i do not need to respond to such a email but i thought i would put it out there, why not it is my blog and i can respond when i want even if i under punctuate and often embrace run-on sentences.
I do not live a perfect life, everyone knows that. Laundry piles up here in my shtub like it is declaring war on us.The mess that 3 kids can make is overwhelming, dinners are crazy around here, and doctor appointments are way to frequent.Since my medical diagnosis in August i have taken on a new approach to parenting and honestly to life. I have stopped sweating, stressing, and fretting over small thing. I am trying to live a life where i sit back and just enjoy. I enjoy my family, my husband, and my life.Honestly im over the stress, over having a perfectly clean house, over feeling disappointed that things aren't always perfect, but mostly im over battling the wits with my kids.Life is short for all of us and we all have a scheduled amount of time on this earth and i plan to live mine to the very fullest. Not because i fear from my prognosis, to quote my doctor " you will live to see your grand kids getting married" but because my diagnosis gave me the kick in my tush i needed to make some life alterations.Since i stopped fretting the small things our house has started to feel a little bit like a fairy tail. My husband and i get along better than ever, and my kids are just plain happy.
I think about all these parenting classes people take and spend money on and i am willing to offer all of you a free parenting class right now.....
Give your kids pure unconditional love, hug them and kiss them about 400 times a day ( maybe more), speak to them nicely, get on the floor and play with then ( who cares if dinner is late),spend true honest quality time with them, listen to their stories and comment on them ( no matter how gross they are), and when things feel like they are getting crazy just try to laugh.
Trust me do these things and it will show through your kids.So yeah,here in my shtub things have been feeling a little bit perfect and you know that's perfect enough for me.


Amy said...

Sheva, your family IS perfect, in every way it should be. Love your post, as always!

Anonymous said...

I know you for what? 12 years now, maybe longer and I know your life is not perfect but that is what makes it so great! You are positive and try to make the best of it all. I have learned a lot from you "wawasheva", you are a great friend and an inspiration. Keep on doing what you are doing. I can attest to the unconditional love you give your kids. It is beautiful.
Love always,
Esti "Marge"

Cole said...

People can be pretty rude. I'll never understand the need to attack someone because they seem happy! It makes no sense- and speaks more to their own personal unhappiness then anything about you. And look at what you talk about- about finding peace in situations where others flail- that's a good goal. We all have different priorities. I like yours. That's what I want for myself. I'm sorry someone felt the need to spew their own unhappiness at you Sheva. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

I cant pinpoint when, but you seem to have changed.
the post are so rich, colorful, true and joyful!

I wish we can all learn from you embrace life till its perfect!
besorot tovot!

Charles said...

What's with the feet pics, yet no pics of my feet?

Becca said...

Your parenting advice brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. You truly can't go wrong with that. :-)

Devorah said...

How could someone even think that?! We all know that nobody has the perfect life and everyone has their challenges!

If you'd be complaining on your blog about your problems, you'd get emails to stop being so negative. Now that you show the positive, beautiful life of a mother of such precious children you get an email that you make your life look and seem perfect...what next?!

I love your blog because of the way you portray your life - that no matter what tests you are given you remain strong in your emunah and you look for the beauty in every day!

I'm also a Chanale fan - the first song of hers that touched me most was the "Vineyard" song...so if she's reading this comment, here's a shout out for such amazing music! You are so talented and your music has changed many people!

Thanks Sheva for posting such great pictures with every post of yours. I especially love those toes - yum!! :-)

patricia said...


faygiefellig said...

HI. I am Chanale's mother and she directed me to your blog. So lovely. Keep on being happy as you are. I guess essentially, people always envy happiness (perfection as they call it). You post such beautiful and joyful pictures. I am a scrapbooker http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/userprofile.asp?user_id=234277
These memories are what helps me remember how happy my life is (even if I am not always ...)
So keep posting these wonderful pictures and keep us inspired with your great attitude.

Donyel said...

You have a beautiful family, k'ayin hara.
The fall is such a fun time to watch children play in the leaves. Your post is so inspired and insightful... thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Savvima said...

Sheva, With every one of your blog posts I'm in awe of your perfect life. Its ironic that a health issue (not sure how to refer to it) and the daily challenges of being a mother (and a special one you are)are what it takes to wake up and realize that life needs to be lived fully. We all have our problems (big and small) which stand in the way of enjoying the small stuff (like family and fun: not small at all). What's wrong with portraying a family smiling and enjoying nature and each other?! I'm envious that your outside in the leaves! My daily routine is more centered around washing dishes and typing on a computer, but when tragedy strikes a good friend (Levi was a close friend of my Husband's and I'm still shaken to the core by his death) we're reminded to wake up and maximize our time on this earth.

Sheva said...

I w3ant to thank each and every one of you for your comments.
Esti: i think it has been ven longer than 12yrs, lol
Becca: thank you, sometimes the simplest things are the answer
Faygie: im off to look at your scrap booking now!
Savvima: i agree with what you said. I have been thinking a lot about Levi and the only thing i can say for certain is a bet in the end he was not wishing his wife did the dishes more, or that he stressed about things more.I hope i can continue with this philosophy and create a version of my "perfect life"

Chani Vogel said...

Sheva,, maybe we can make u the inspiring mom of the year,, You are incredible.. Hashem should continue to give u kochos to be the WonderWoman you are!

Amber Lee said...

I've just begun to read your blog. I love it you. Forget those who are cruel. Your blog is a blessing.

2life said...

Anyone that knows you for more than 30 seconds knows you do NOT have the perfect life. But what you do have is the perfect out look on life. And quite frankly I hope that your life is perfect, because you deserve it.
People are rude. We have spoken before about the disregard some people have for others feelings - as much as i love telling these people off the healthiest thing is to just ignore stupid people (I think you told me these)
One of the things i love most about you is that you say it how it is. Yes, it may make people uncomfortable but i love it! Keep it up because you are an inspiration to more people than you think!

Miriam Leah said...

ur so awesome sheva! :) hope ur feeling well