Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A spring in my step and snow in my hair

I realized, that i have a tendency to start with a weather report. I want to officially apologize to all my readers for "discussing the weather" way to often, and i promise it will taper down as soon as the warm hits. We had an amazing Friday with temperatures hitting almost 70, my little town lit up. I could hear kinderlach playing outside again and the air smelled like spring. I even picked some branches for a centerpieces because i couldn't resist their tiny new blooms.
Today it snowed. What can i say?
My Mel was here this weekend and as i soaked up the warm weather i soaked up having all three of my kinder home. That in itself feels like spring. I spent a little one on one with my big guy and we went to a paint your own pottery place.
You know the places they charge you a million dollars for a piece of unfinished pottery that you paint, but I'm a sucker and its so much fun to pick up your shiny glazed art a week later. I also got an awesome deal on Groupon so it was worth every penny.
We also had a Shul dinner this week, not such interesting news for you guys but it was an awesome night and one of my firsts without little ones pulling my tail feathers.We were featured on the video presentation, and i thought you guys might like to see it.

Chabad of Park Heights from Focal Point Productions on Vimeo.

We also have a winner for the Giveaway!!!!!
Using my online friend the "Random Number Generator" our winner is
stacythemagnificentmommy with her comment:love the hot pink lipstick at work necklace!
Mazel Tov!!
We also have another Giveaway this week from a new sponsor. I'll post more tomorrow about this fabulous shop but a little eye candy to hold you over, never hurt anyone...
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Mary said...

The weather's been so miserable where I live, that I seem to be doing the exact same thing on my blog :-) Whether it's unseasonably warm (last Thursday) or we're getting a blizzard, I have to comment on it!

Cute video, loved the segment on your family!

My name is Sarah said...

Love your pottery.

patricia said...

LOVE the video!!!!

LibB said...

Woman, you gots talent. Ever think of doing artsy stuff?? you got an eye and a talent for beautiful things! :)

Brenda B. said...

Sheva, I love your little pottery! I need one of those!! ;) So excited to see Courtney's shop up and that you are having a giveaway!! xoxo

Cory said...

That was sooo neat to see you featured in that video. What a precious family you have. And it was so nice to hear your voice. Beautiful.

Team Lando said...

1) LOVE the pottery. You and your son should open a business!
2) I am drooling over the birthstone bracelet in the new shop you're featuring, but I can't order one until Ellie decides if she's a February or March baby! Grr...
3) Your blog just makes me happy.

Wendy said...

Loved hearing your voice and seeing your family in action!

emurlee said...

I found your blog a while ago and bookmarked it only to loose it in the mess of all the things I bookmark. I rediscovered it a few weeks ago when doing a little spring cleaning (you can continue to talk about the weather all you want — spring is exciting!) and added it to my GoogleReader.

I wanted to email you but cannot find an email on the site for the life of me. Thank you for sharing your life as you do. I’m actually in the process of converting and have adored Chabad since the beginning of this journey. While there are many adorable “mommy blogs” by secular or Mormen women, finding one by a frum Jewish woman (let alone Chabad!) has been a fruitless mission until now. I can’t wait to continue reading your journey and see all that Hashem has in store for you and your beautiful family!

Jacky said...

I LOVED the video! I am a member of the Chabad shul of Potomac and I feel the same type of love here that you feel in Park Heights!!

Love you and your beautiful family!!


Anonymous said...

to emurlee:
I'm just a visitor to this great blog, but I see at the top right hand side the following: "I love emails! Email me at myshtub@gmail.com."
so there you have it!

p.s. The video was so special!