Monday, May 9, 2011


I love color i always have. Even when i went through my teenage goth stage and only wore black from head to toe, i know somewhere deep in that teenage drama queen sole i still loved color.
My house is painted in vibrant hues and i dress my kids in the colors that make me feel good. Color is so important in our lives.
I have been hearing a lot about color lately. "Oh your color looks good you must be feeling better" or " i saw you yesterday and your color was off, were you having a hard day"? We want to believe that color defines us, and really it does. I also sometimes believe that we need to believe we see color when its not there.
When i made my first Preschool pick up after my hospital stay people walked around me as if i was the worlds thinnest ice sculpture ready to crumble at any minute, and honestly i felt that way too. I had lost 10 pounds and i didn't have 10 lbs to lose. I was weak and pretty pale , i had no color in me, no natural pink glow, just gray.
A few days later i did pick up again, but this time i tried an experiment.I put a little makeup on. I gave myself a fake glow. I put a little lipstick on and some blush, and went to do pick up. Guess what, it worked. People were in high spirits around me. "You look great, you must be feeling so much better" " I was so worried about you on Friday, but today i see you are much stronger". It was so funny and so interesting. Honestly i felt worse, my nausea had kicked in big time, and i was even more exhausted than before. To my friends it didn't matter they saw color. The lipstick won the worried hearts of the people closest to me.
Its so interesting, color, just a bit here a bit there, and i'm a changed woman.
I dont think that's a bad thing either. Hashem made our world full of color full of light. So many beautiful things everywhere, and Hashem also made us want it, react to it, need it. Color
I love this colorful world, babies with extra chromosomes, and even mommies that need extra color to get through the day. How lucky i am to have so much color in my life, and even when i don't, i can paint some on.


Mary said...

It's so true that colors affect both individuals and the people around them. Once, I had a bad week - nothing spectacularly awful, but definitely feeling down in the dumps for several days. I wore a buttery, happy, sunshiney yellow and had a great day - nothing particularly good happened to me, but I felt so much happier than I had been all week. My bedroom is painted in warm colors for similar reasons.

Great to hear from you. Love the pics of sweet Rozie. Rozie's hair is getting so long - love the cute little braids!

one_plustwins said...

it is sooooooo good to read your blogs again!! <3

Nechama said...

Ugh left a comment and it got erased :( Color does make the world go round.. when its dark and dreary outside- thats usually the mood indoors! My husband just bought me a red bag saying i need more color in my life! It def adds some life and spirit :) Little Rosie looks adorably cute! Hope your resting up and taking it easy..

Libbbzzzz said...

Glad to have you back, A. If you need anything or want a vacation (for you or the fam!), you know who to call.

Team Lando said...

I love this post! And I love the bright pops of color in your photos!

Mommzy said...

your posts bring a ray of sunshine to my days~

Anonymous said...

Sheva, you are beyond amazing! We need more people like you in the world - who can constantly focus on the good amidst the difficulties that happen around us.

I was so happy to see that you've posted again so soon after the long break... and so happy to see little Rozie getting so big! She looks like a delicious personality!

Feel good and looking forward to your next post :)

Devorah said...

This post is truly inspiring. It's so true - color adds so much to our lives but you put it so well.

Your attitude is gonna take you very far in life, that's for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Makeup can be used as a mask to hide what is in ones soul. Hope you truly feel colorful on the inside and outside soon.

Rivki @ Life in the Married Lane said...

It's amazing what a little blush and bronzer can do! Making myself up helps me feel better on those blah days. I love your Rozie's leg warmers. They are too cute, and such nice colors!

Rivki Locker (Ordinary Blogger) said...

I find that putting on some makeup and getting dressed in stockings and 'real' clothes can really lift my spirits. great post, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Sad Jewish Girl said...

I love color so much, too. I actually will paint my nails crazy colors just to cheer me up sometimes.