Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ocean love birds

There are just as many endings in our life as there are beginnings. I have a tenancy to like beginnings more, but then again sometimes an ending is a beginning.
Ok ok you get my point, blah blah blah an ending is a beginning, but im just getting all gushy on you guys because my oldest just finished his first year in Yeshiva and i am walking around with about a 1000lbs of nachas on my shoulders, and i'm happy to schlep them.
We drove to New Jersey to pick him up and bring my big guy home for the summer. What can i say an ending in a beginning.
I am so happy to see him starting a new life with his new group of friends and living independently without us, but then again i am so happy the school year is over and he is home again under my momma wings.
We packed him up and flew his home away from home nest, but couldn't leave without some beach time. His Yeshiva is right near the ocean and we found a tiny little beach town: Margate NJ ( if you ever cant find me check there).
They had a few tiny kosher restaurants on the water and a beach that could bring tears to even a true land lover. We ate greasy fries and pizza outside.We watched people go in and out of their Victorian beach homes,and ride around on beach cruisers.
I was in summer heaven: Blue Ocean, white beaches, and cute neighborhoods, that is it im sold where do i sign.
I think the one thing i love more than the summer is the ocean, and i had to pried off the beach with tears in my eyes to go home.


Nechama said...

you look amazing!!! the pictures are so beautiful :) and little rozie is SOO delish! when are you coming to CH dear friend?

Team Lando said...

I love all the beach photos, but I think my favorite is the one of your two boys together on the bench! Wonderful photos. I am so happy to see posts so full of joy from you after such a hard time :)

Chana said...

Great pix - as usual. So glad you had time on the beach. Mel looks great - as does everyone else. So nice to have all your kids home... Enjoy

faygiefellig said...

i love seeing a whole happy family....

Amy said...

Wonderful to see you so vibrant and full of life!! Rozie is too flippin adorable as usual- love the blue ruffly swim suit!! Enjoy this time with your whole family under one roof! :)

chanalesings said...

gorgeous! what a great day, love your family. Can we come visit in the summer??

Tanya said...

thanks for visiting my blog, I just came over to yours and I am so happy I found it, very inspiring posts and what a beautiful family you have.

Devorah said...

Love these pictures! So happy that you got to go to the beach and enjoy the water!!

Sarah said...

The ocean looks beautiful - but even more beautiful is the love between all of you. You can see it in every gorgeous picture, and especially between the siblings. It is so precious. Only much naches & enjoyment!

Taylor and Dean said...

LOVE the pic of Malik and Dovie on the bench! It's terrific! Also, Rozie's swimsuit is adorable! :) Looks like fun times at the beach were had by all!

Jenny Dawn said...

Gorgeous photos of you and all of your children! Rozie is so, so precious. What a wonderful trip!

rutimizrachi said...

Your photos are WONDERFUL!

sc said...

LOve seeing such a happy family enjoy each other The pictures are gorgeousI too love being by water Its so calming

proud mommy said...

LOVE your blog! You inspire me! where can I find the area of beach with the kosher pizza store???

proud mommy said...

LOVE your blog! you inspire me!!!
where can I find the area of beach with the pizza store?? that sounds awesome!!!!