Monday, July 18, 2011

Married in New York

To every end there is a beginning. I know that sounds cheesy but it is often true. My closest friend got married last week and it is an end to her Baltimore life and a new beginning for her as a married New Yorker.
I need to give some background and why i'm sharing with the world about this wedding. You see this wasn't just Nechama Dina's wedding this was MY Nechama Dina's wedding. Yes i'm taking claim.
Have you ever met someone that is so selfless that it often blows you away? This is my Nechama Dina. Have you ever met someone that would give you the world and expect nothing in return? This is my Nechama Dina. I only met her a few years ago when she became my assistant teacher, she was a young girl full of energy and great ideas ( and an awesome organizer). Now she is a wife.
She is 10 years younger than me and has always felt like my sister , and trust me she didn't need another sister she has 9 others, but she had no choice in the matter.
Nechama Dina has been with me in some of my hardest times. She has spent many long hospital nights sleeping on the hospital floor with me, because i wouldn't leave Rozie's side.
She spent many nights sleeping in a stiff hospital chair next to my bed when i was at my worst mentally and physically , and she still came the next day even when i probably wasn't so kind to her or anybody else the night before ( chemo can make you a monster).
I couldn't go to her engagement party because i was too weak and sick from my treatments , that was heartbreaking for me. But because this is Nechama Dina she showed up at my house after her party with her chassan ( groom) and we had our own party on my deck on that beautiful warm summer night.
My children love her as if her blood runs through their veins and even though she isn't an actual relative don't tell them because they have no doubt in their minds that she is their aunt and her new husband is their uncle.
When it was time for her wedding Hashem blessed me with my "miracle" and my energy came back quickly. I did everything i could for her, and i wish i could of done more. We went to flower appointments, and shopping for outfits.
We picked out her wig together and I helped her put it on ( a few times , it takes practice people).
I did her centerpieces and helped her with colors. I wish i could have done more.
Nechama Dina isn't here anymore she moved to New York to start her new life as a wife, and Baltimore feels a little empty. Thank Hashem Crown Heights is only a few hours away.
( all my Crown Heights readers, if you see MY Nechama Dina on the streets make sure you say Mazel Tov, she deserves it)


"MRS" menucha said...

GORGEOUS!~! Wish I could have made it! She looks amazing :) and the centerpieces came out spectacular!
Mazal Tov Nechama Dina!

Naomi said...

Beautiful centerpieces! And, a beautiful post. Mazel Tov to your Nechama Dina! May you, Alisheva, go from strength to strength!

Miriam said...

so beautiful! thanks for everything!

shevi said...

wow what a beautiful event YOur love for your friend is like your love for your family You put yourself completely in the relationship Obviously nechama DIna is aspecial lady also How she stayed with you in the hospital and helped with ROzie is unbelievable hashem gave you amiracle and you know how to show hakarat hatov for it THose flowers are gorgeous They must have given light to the whole room i am also a teacher and my two assistant over the years Miriam and Gita were like sisters tome When you work with children together you really bond Thanks for this beautiful blog

Tzipporah said...

Beautiful post! What a rare gem to have such a beautiful friendship. Mazel Tov!

Vidals of Houston said...

Mazel Tov! I too have know N.D. for many years and she is a very special and devoted girl. Thanks for your post. The centerpieces look incredible. May we only know of more happy occasions.

Devorah said...

How special to meet such a caring and selfless person and get so close to her! There is something amazing about friends that are closer than sisters and you are lucky to have one!

Mazel tov Nechama Dina and may your new life together with your husband be a happy one and overflowing with blessings!

Jenny (also) said...

I just love that picture of Rozie being held by her big brother (Mel?) Her gorgeous feminine self and pink dress in contrast the the men dressed in black makes for a great image. And And like all Mamas, I am a sucker for sibling love, of course.

Rebecca said...

what a beautiful tribute to a woman who you are blessed to have in your life. She truly is your sister and an aunt to your kids, blood relative or not :)
You look so radiant, and your children can light up a room.

Jenny Dawn said...

I love all of your children, but Rozie is who I visit your blog for. :-) The flowers and decorations look amazing!!! Mazel Tov to your Nechama Dina!

foryourhonor said...

What a beautiful post. Your photographs blow me away. Mazal tov, Nechama Dina!