Monday, November 21, 2011

Belly Dancing!

I know we all say this, but seriously how did time fly by so fast? How did my little newborn boy turn five. I can still remember being pregnant with him like it was yesterday.
Sitting in Shul the size of a whale watching my stomach shake like jello as my wild child never stopped movin. I shouldn't had been so surprised when he came into this world with a bang and has never stopped , not once.
My little guy walked at 9 months. Was running by a year, and climbing tall buildings by two. He keeps us laughing all night long, and running after him all day long.
Every day i look into his big blue eyes the color of the sky, and fall in love over and over again.
The little one we waited so long for, the little one we needed more than water, the little one that broke the cycle of sadness with his belly dancing.
Happy 5th Birthday my sweet angel boy, we needed you and your energy , you woke us all up!
Dovie is the Lego master just like his big brother,so when i asked him what we were doing for his Birthday it was obvious. A Lego Party!
1. Lego Cupcakes with Leggo face toppers
2. Lego candy pieces: Candy Blox - 11 Lb Case
3. Fruit Cups: Chopped up fruit in individual portions, perfect for little hands
4. Popcorn with melted chocolate on top, and multi colored lentils
5. Paper snack cups: Regency Pack of 24 Tulip Standard Baking Cups, White
6. Huge Lego head centerpiece: Blip Toys Lego Sort And Store
To make the large Lego display. I covered tissue boxes with paper and cut the bottom of a plastic disposable cup off and covered with coordinating paper to make the circles on top. So easy and cute!
We played games, including a Lego search. We hid the pieces and they searched so much fun and so simple. I gave prizes to everyone!
We played it a few times because they loved it so much.
Mazel Tov Sweet Boy!
(BTW Dovie picked out his Birthday "look" including the fake glasses and rain boots, gotta love this kid!)


Frayda said...

This is amazing! So cute and creative. I guess I'm coming to you for tips on my daughter's next party.

Grunie Uminer said...

Mazal Tov. So creative and cute. and as always your posts are so refreshing and honest and amazing. thanks for sharing your life with us.

Shevi said...

happy birthday Dovie You are one fabulous child full of energy and full of love emanating from your wunderful mom and dad Sheva, What hakarat hatov you show to hashem for all the blessings he has bestowed on you You are so creative with his lego party Please invite me next time

Faygie Fellig said...

ahhhhh nachas. lots of yiddishe and chassidishe nachas from him and from all of your children.

chanalesings said...

Mazal Tov Sheva! Amazing party, looks like the kids had a blast! You are a wonderful mother and I am so happy to share in your simcha albeit in a digital fashion!/ Lots of Nachas always!

Mrs. Pom said...

I was living in Baltimore when you had first given birth to Dovie. I remember admiring your handmade baby sling. :-)
Many happy returns of the day. Ad meah v'esrim shanah.

schap said...

mazel tov!!!

sina @ the kosher spoon said...

such a great idea on the lego tissue boxes!

mazal tov!

Esther Gurary said...

Mazal tov Dovie! He looks as yummy as we remember him...:) It's Mina's fifth birthday next week IYH!
We will definitely be calling you for your lego ideas for Zalmy's party, come June--he is another Lego lover:)! Can't wait to show these pics to the kids, they will go crazy over them! Mazal tov again and all the brochos!

one_plustwins said...