Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home is where?

I'm back from Florida and i have to admit i was a little down to come home. This summer girl was in Florida weather heaven.
I came home to cold, windy, and wet weather. I wanted to grab my kids run back to the airport while yelling we'll see you on Shabbos to my husband, trust me i was tempted.
Luckily home is full of warm things i do love. I missed my bed , even with that one darn spring that keeps popping up.
I love the little faces that live in this home. It doesn't mater if it is rain or shine when you have two little lights running around spreading their little rays wherever they go.
While i laid awake in the night feeling that strange this is not my bed kind of feeling, i realized that i want my home to be where my kids are where my family is, and for now that is in Baltimore.
With its cold weather and warm friends. With its leaves that pile up quicker than you can blow them away.
With its cloudy gloomy days, and its sunny days that make the orange, yellow, and red trees flare up like a fire against the blue sky.
This is my home.
I want to thank North Miami Beach N'shei for hosting me and putting on such a wonderful event. Your community is a such a warm friendly place it made coming home hard.


Anonymous said...

Funny... as I was reading through your post, my almost 3 year old was looking over my shoulder and commented, "Wow that's a beautiful place." Not the Miami picture, the picture of your kids. That's an objective perspective. Shep nachas.

Chaya H. said...

LOVE the shot of Rozie reaching down. Cute tights, cute girl!

Team Lando said...

Beautiful photos, as always, and I had to note something - Dovie looks SO GROWN UP! And so protective of Rozie! I don't know if he is or if it's just the photo, but it's sweet.

chanalesings said...

Sheva, My mom loved your talk, she said you are "Adorable, how come you never met her???"

Beth said...

Love your blog, your daughter is precious.

Meriah said...

lovely lovely photos

Marsha :) said...

I found this blog while BlogHopping to kill some time at work yesterday. I can't even remember who's blog I was one to get here. I just NEEDED to tell you that Rozie may be the cutest toddler I have ever seen! Your 2 sons are also cute/good looking.

Anonymous said...

Where do u buy your adorable daughter's clothing?

Anonymous said...

where do you buy your adorable daughter's clothing?

Sheva said...

1.Well first of all thanks guys, the seasons here are beautiful that cant be denied.
2.Dovie is VERY protective of Rozie, and i dont think that has anything to do with her Dx.
3.In my F&Q i talk abut where i buy my kids clothes, thanks for the compliment.

dottoddot said...

Such great photos!