Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Im not immune from drama!

Have you ever had one of those weeks. You know where something so little and stupid just snowballs into something huge and the next thing you know that stupid little thing is now the Abominable Snowman. You cant sleep and you are wasting so much physical and mental energy on this drama.
Ughhhhhhhh that was me last week, but here is the clincher. My body just physically can not handle stress. Stress causes my immune system to break down, and as you guys know i don't have a immune system to break down. So when i get stressed i not only mentally anguish over it but my body also becomes physically ill. That was me last week, sick and stressed. Lovely. I tried so hard to move past this ridiculous situation but no matter what i did i couldn't escape it.
It was my personal plague. No matter how many times i said im done with this im moving on, there it was hiding around the corner all germy and plague like. So that is where i was last week. No blog post, no update just me and my drama. Sorry guys.
Now here i am a week later and im over it. This little bug that wouldn't leave me alone just suddenly vanished with the miracle of time. Thank Gd. Now if i could get my body physically back to where it was that would be even better.
Chanukah has been all the uproar in my little shtub. We have the car Menorah up and we are ready. I decided to do something this year that i usually don't do. I chose to give my kids Chanukah gifts. I know it sounds crazy but usually they get a few tokens and some gelt, but this year i changed my mind. I am not against gift giving i just don't like that it can take away from the real miracle of Chanukah. I want my kids to jump for joy as we light the Menorah and eat yummy foods. I don't want my kids associating Chanukah with gifts only. So what changed this year? I don't know i just had this childhood memory of all the Chanukah gifts from my childhood all wrapped up on the ledge waiting to be opened. I remember painstakingly trying to decide which one to open each night. I also remember the life lesson of good things also come in small packages. One year i opened the tiniest gift last thinking it was nothing special, only to discover a small clock in the shape of Pac-Man, that was hands down the coolest present i got.
I guess i also wanted these memories for my children, so this year we are trying it out, who knows what i'll do next year. What i do know is that Dovie claimed the tiny $2 Lego set i got him was "EXACTLY" what he wanted, and Rozie insisted on sleeping with the new doll she got that came with the tiny brush. Now those are memories im wrapping up.
On a side note i made the cutest little thank you gift for Rozie's therapist and i had to share. A little dreidel set in a jar. Cute as a button! I got the idea from here check it out.
Hope everyone will have a happy and HEALTHY Chanukah!
Mazel Tov to Naomi on winning the Mit Glick giveaway!


Team Lando said...

1. Happy Chanukah! And I think the it's wonderful that the kids are learning to love the little gifts, not wanting huge insane presents.
2. I know I say this every single time, but WOW Dovie looks so handsome and Rozie looks so grown up and beautiful.

Rivka said...

Hi Sheva,
I've been expecting a post from you!
I hope Chanuka brings you a lot of light! I have heard a shiur by rabanite Yemima Mizrahi and she said that Chanuka is a new beginning and one has to believe in that.. miracles happen and situations can change completely, like for Yosef after he gave his interpretation of Pharo's dream...
She also said that the fact to look at the lights burning calms you down and gives you peace of mind (יישוב-הדעת) for all the year coming.. You know a friend of mind told me that when Chanuka comes, she remembers when she was a little girl: her dad would build a big sevivon made of carton and every day he would open it and the kids got small presents.. I thought it sounds great doesn't it?
Have a great Chanuka! Kol Tuv!

Becca said...

I have a lot of happy Chanukah memories of childhood, and although I received presents, they were definitely not the highlight. It was the dimming of our lights, the lighting of the menorah and the singing of the songs that I remember best.

Happy Chanukah to you and your family! Love the pics, as always. :-)

Amber Lee said...

Something that I struggle with is the secularization of Christmas, I can understand the worry about gifts. For Christians, Christmas is suppose to be our second holiest day of the year. You can see what's happened to it. I have trouble even as an adult giving and receiving gifts. I don't know what we'll do when we have children. Currently, we don't do much, my husband and I. We go to mass on Christmas day and that's about it.