Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nest eggs

So we are leaving on a jet plane, ok not really.
(Chaya N. these pics are for you!)
We are leaving to New York in a broken down mini van that i have a permanent bruise on my hand from the door. Does that count? We are going to spend time with my husband's family and going to the Crown Heights friendship circle party.
I will be walking the streets of Crown Heights ( that sounded bad, at least i didn't say working)so please come say hi i would love to meet all of you!
Night number two of Chanukah has brought one big brother home from Yeshiva and my nest is now complete again.
I love it when all my eggs are in a row.
I hope everyone's Chanukah is beautiful and bright and may each and everyone of us be inspired by this light to grow, heal and find simcha and everything good during these 8 days of miracles!
I will post again next week after our trip!!
Chabad of Downtown Baltimore has that amazing 30 foot Menorah right by the harbor go check it out and tell them i sent you!
Also Chanukah Wonderland is in full swing, so much fun stuff to do with the kinderlach! Here is the schedule


one_plustwins said...

HAPPY CHANUKAH!!!! Love the pictures

ckbrylliant said...

Enjoy your family time together. I always feel so upbeat after reading your posts. Especially when I see that little Rozie standing and in walking mode, it makes me so excited for when my Bridgie gets there. Besides she has the cutest outfits! Where are the boots from?

chaya newfield said...

it was so awesome to meet you at the friendship circle chanuka party, it was like meeting a celebrity! my sisters always tease me about my hero from the blog, but its so true. i love your pictures!