Thursday, February 16, 2012

Water and Marks

So recently i had some images of Rozie stolen from me. Someone copy and pasted her picture onto a social networking site, creating a "Rozie" community. They took one of her pictures cropped out the watermark and created their own watermark. Needless to say i panicked. I found out about it a few minutes before Shabbos and screamed to my husband to help me to get that picture of that site NOW!!! He did.
It ruined my entire Shabbos and i couldn't stop thinking about what horrible things these people were doing with my sweet Rozie's picture. The site was not in English and i couldn't understand why they wanted her picture and a few of her friends' pictures who are also little blond girls with Down syndrome. In the end it wasn't so bad they were using the pics for educational reasons, and i was told in these countries copy-write laws are not as strict as ours.
It was strange that i was so shocked. I kind of knew it would happen someday, i guess i just hoped it wouldn't. I made the choice to put my kids pictures up on the World Wide Web, a hard choice to make. I thought about shutting the blog down i thought about from now on only posting pictures of my kids feet, you know i love those, but in the end i decided to keep doing what i have already been doing. Yes I'm still at risk but i just couldn't stop posting and sharing with all of you. The good i feel like I'm doing here in my little shtub out ways all the risks, i think and hope. When i introduced Rozie and my three kids to all of you, it was the first time for some of you that you saw Down syndrome in a different way, in a beautiful way.
( dont you love the Ms.Thang personality)
That to me is worth the world, but is it worth her picture being used in a way that would make any parent panic? I don't know im at such a crossroads. This blog just wouldn't be the same without their shinning faces.
What do you guys think?
For now Ive decided to take some steps to ensure my photos are a bit safer. Nothing is perfect and anyone can steal any pic they want no matter what you do, but people want the easy way so im making it harder hoping to deter.
Im using a much more invasive watermark as you can see, closer to my kids faces making it harder to crop out. I also plan to hire a designer to make me a better more complicated watermark. So watch for the changes. My husband is doing some behind the scenes stuff to boost my security also, again nothing is 100% but hopefully better then what i had.
If you guys have any suggestions, or tips i would love to hear them.
( this is what Rozie looks like when you tell her to smile, lol)


Becca said...

Sending you an e-mail now, Sheva... said...

I'm sorry they stole your pictures. I once had a photo of my son in a costume someone stole right out of my photbucket(which I had set to private)and it ended up on some site you could purchase it for a background. I immediately contacted the company and they apologized and removed it stating they have computers that pick photos with "key words" in the descriptors(He was dressed as a ventriloquist dummy so I wrote something like that) I have since deleted all the photos of my kids and now rarely even post to my blog because it ruined it for me. I love your pictures,I hope you find a safe way to keep posting.

PrayingForKamryn said...

UG. I'm sorry. I've never had it happen (that I know of). But I'll go ahead and make my watermarks bigger, too. Thanks for the heads up.

Rozie just gets prettier every single day.

It's All HP said...

Those pictures are precious! THEY make me smile! :)You cant help but not smile from them. Thank you!

sina @ the kosher spoon said...

i have to know, what countries do you get hits from? Because I get lots of hits from ukraine (so weird).

on another note: there is nothing really you can do to protect pictures online. A watermark can be easily cloned out in 5 minutes. and even if you get advanced security features where the person can't download the picture, they can also take a screen shot and crop in.

This is a common problem photographers face all the time and I think the consensus is that they ignore it and hope for the best. There are ways you can track your pictures though if they are stolen, if you encrypt metadata in them and use a specific software that I think Getty images run.

i'm really sorry it happened to you, and at least it wasn't used inappropriately. I hope you find the right direction for you.

Sheva said...

i know there is not much i can do if they want the pic they can take it. I know i personally could take any photo online remove the watermark and use it, but i also know it is a big pain when you cant right click, then they have a huge watemark. Someone would really have to want the pic. Im hoping somethings i do will make it harder and not worth their time. I'm having a water mark made that has more varying shades in it making it harder to photoshop out like what i stock photo does. I hope this sends them packing

Anonymous said...

I hope u do not stop posting pictures of rozie I love seeing the new ones and always smile back at her cute pictures. You have a beutiful family k"h and it's a shame someone took those pics from you. Gl making the site more secure!

patricia said...

as you know, I love your blog, and love to see pics of your family life and how beautiful your sweet ones are. I'd hate to see you stop posting the pics. Having said that, I would be outraged like you if I saw a pic of my child on a website without my permission especially not knowing what the site was about. I do believe your blog blesses your readers with each post. Each picture enhances your words and brings your story to life. Agree, watermark near or on the face. A more complicated watermark, more difficult to crop. We will read the beauty through the watermarks and know that your children's pics are protected.

Miriam Leah said...

sheva, im so behind on your blog-forgive me! crazy that this happened-but just look at that face!!! can u blame them?? ;) j/k. love the pix as always!!

Nechama said...

I love your Rozie's pictures! It simply lights up my day to look at her face. I love hearing wha you have to say, but her smile (and feet!) is def what keeps me clicking back to your shtub.

Sounds your taking the strongest security measures you can. I'm simply not as brave as you with letting my pictures out there...