Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Quick Tip

I'm trying out a new idea.... "Friday quick tips" some tips will be for everyone and some will not, but i hope you can all use at lease one of these tips.
Washing tzitzis has forever challenged me. So challenging that sometimes they get so gross that i wonder if they can walk themselves to Shul. Putting them in the washer usually equals a ball of strings. I've tried delicate bags and putting them in a sock. Ive even tried putting them all together in one loose knot. I've used Woolite and Oxiclean , but nothing works.
 I recently starting soaking them in Tide, and it actually works! I take a bucket of warm water and a cupful Tide and let them soak overnight. I rinse and hang dry stretching the strings straight and in the end i have beautiful not free tzitzis for my guys to wear. Good Shabbos everyone!
Please dont forget the giveaway!!!
If you are wondering what the heck tzitzis are here is a link!


ND said...

Thank you! Will have to try that for the Tzitzis (don't have Tide right now, but on my shopping list).

My tzitzis go from sparkling white to dingy gray to the shaimos box. I'm always jealous of the mothers with beautiful white tzitzis!

Anonymous said...

There's something spooky about the picture of those tzizis hanging there like if they're alive or something...spooky in a good way, I guess. Keep taking pictures that make me stop in my tracks and giving me such inspiration from your perseverance.

Ettie said...

Hey Sheva, thanks for the wonderful tip. I've never been able to master the art of washing tzizis and so we have a lovely minhag in our family that my husband starts a new pair every Pesach & Rosh Hashanah :) I will try your method...

Rebecca said...

I out them in a pantyhose bag (the kind that looks like a net) and throw them in the wash. They get a little wrinkled, but they keep their shape and actually get clean.