Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Purim Gragger DIY

I hoped to post this earlier, so you guys can make it in time for Purim, but as you read in my previous post I've been a bit busy in my overextension.
Here it is anyways... my do it yourself, from what you probably have in your pantry, show stealing, if i don't say so myself, Purim Gragger ( noisemaker)
 What you'll need.....
1. scissors , or an exacto knife
2. Paint
3. Glue ( i used hot glue to save time)
4. Small oatmeal can
5. Beans or lentils
6. Ribbon or string
7. Large beads
8. Wooden dowel, small
First you need to cut the oatmeal can down. Leave the bottom on and cut it about 3 inches up from the bottom. Save the plastic lid.
Second peel the label and let the kids paint the top, bottom, and sides
 Third poke three holes in the can , one on each side for the ribbon, and one on the bottom for the dowel.
 Bead the beads and tie a tight knot
 Fill the can with lentils or beans.
Put the plastic lid on and glue shut.
 Now this looks great as is, but i wanted to add something more, so i added the kid's pictures to the plastic lid by gluing them on. I made the tiny crowns with scrap paper. All Finished!
 I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and freilichen Purim. More Purim fun coming soon!
* a quick note i decided when the whole thing was done to glue the holes where the ribbon is and the dowel. I just dabbed on some hot glue. I did it as a security so that things don't go flying in Shul during our gragger shaking and spinning.
We also have a winner for a free Kippah from Captain Kippah and the winner is.........
Shaindy from My Happy Hectic Life blog please email myshtub@blogspot.com


Design Megillah said...

GREAT groggers and love the costumes!
Hope your family had a fun Purim!

Design Megillah said...

GREAT graggers and love the costumes! Hope you and your family had a fun Purim!

BibleBeltBalabusta said...

These are adorable! I'm collecting containers to try this with a class. Thanks for the lovely post.