Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Purim was here and we were so happy!!!!

Im currently recuperating.
 I love Purim but i went overboard and worked too hard. By the afternoon my body went into shutdown mode and pretty much told me "Sheva i'm done", but i kept pushing because Purim only comes once a year. Then Shabbos came and my body said "please rest i'm soooo done", but i pushed again.
My close friend son's bris was on Shabbos and the 2 mile walk was worth getting to hold that tiny bundle, but when we came home i slept from 4pm through the night. I woke up the next day with a new sinus infection. See my body was trying to tell me ,and i didn't listen.
Its hard to accept my new limitations, especially when coming from the girl that never understood or accepted any before. Its a hard fact to accept that i cant do it all. Don't laugh doing it all use to be my middle name.
Next year im going to have to try and figure out how to do Purim so my creative side is satisfied and my physical side is not begging me to stop.
Even with all the exhaustion we just had sooo much fun.I did face painting at the carnival at Dovie's Cheder.
 Rozie was having so much fun painting the Purim Mural at the carnival. Little did i know she was actually having more fun painting her specially fitted European brand new shoes. Luckily it washed off.  
We spent time with the best of friends!
Went to the funniest magic show after the first Megillah reading. I was worried Dovie might be scared but obviously he was laughing too hard to be scared. It was worth the late night to see those smiles.
Of course we also made Shalach Manos. Dovie helped me make this one for his teachers. I got the idea on Pinterest. Oh how I love you, ever so addicting Pinterest.
We made these for Dovie's  friends. This is also from Pinterst the note says "I hope you cereal-ously have a Happy Purim" and i glued each kids name initials on a spoon from a make your own name bracelet kit. 
For our family i went with a theme.I have never done this before but i was in the mood. We dressed as our favorite storybook characters. Amelia Bedelia, Curious George, The Man with the Yellow Hat, and Madeline.

 We gave a little book with treats inside, a book mark tied up with gummy "book worms", and an apple.
Even though Mel wasnt here to join in the Storybook fun he was home one Shabbos and we whipped up the coolest suit to wear at Yeshiva on Purim!

 I hope all of you had a happy and safe Purim!
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Faygie Fellig said...

so pretty and fun. it's hard to believe you wern't your strongest. i can only imagine how you are when you feel great! lots of yiddishe nachas. always and forever...

Leora said...

Wow!! You are so creative & talented :) I love the Shalach Manos ideas & Costumes. They're fantastic!! Hope you're feeling better :):)

Leora said...

Wow!!! You are so creative and talented :) I love the costumes and Shaloch Manos!!!! They're fantastic :):) I hope you're feeling better!

Team Lando said...

You are so creative! If I'm back in the classroom in the fall, I may be calling you seeking ideas!

Elisheva said...

Wowee those are some of the most stunning Shaloch Manos I have ever seen! I would not want to take them apart!

Kimberly said...

I love the work you did and I hope you feel recuperated soon.

It's All HP said...

So creative! I love all the great ideas, pictures, smiles, and costumes!

Miriam Leah said...

these pix are so cute!!!! still so sad i didn't see u on purim to give u my "sushi" shaloch manos......thank gd for FB and pix ;)