Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Sassy Side Braid

For those of you that follow the MyShtub Facebook page know that i had a good long personal conflict about Rozie's hair. I could not decide if I wanted to cut it to a chic easy to maintain cute bob, or keep the long locks. After much debating and help from many MyShtub readers i decided to keep the locks. We bought a nice shampoo and conditioner for her, and stopped using baby shampoo. This made a night and day difference on her tangle prone hair. I took hr to have her hair trimmed and hopefully her beautiful long hair will be here to stay.

Many of you asked me about some of Rozie's hair styles, and how I do them. Let me start by saying that my key to beautiful hair on this wild one, is the IPad. I put on one of her favorite Yeshiva Boys Choir videos, and this is how long I have to make her hair.
Rozie's famous side braid/pony:

  • Two tiny elastics that match her hair ( the dollar store)
  • Detangler spray
  • Wet/dry brush
  • Pointed comb to part hair
 Spray hair with detangler and brush through till smooth

Part hair on side. Rozie has a natural side part it's so cool
Section off hair with comb and create a small side pony. Secure with elastic

Gather all the hair to one side and braid about three loops. Secure with an elastic
Add a bow where the half pony is. You don't need a bow but my Rozie insists on a bow and according to her it needs to be a "big bow"

I like the partial braid instead of a full braid because the braid has a tendency to stick out. The half braid allows the hair to lay nicely.
Have you seen any past Rozie hairdos that you would like me to make a how to for?


Mina Richler said...

love it!

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Donna said...

I love her hair. So glad you kept it long. Katie's is long too and we have been using baby shampoo since she was a baby. I will switch to an adult shampoo and conditioner too to help with the tangles. She is beautiful--long or short hair.

Anonymous said...

Love it! What kind of spray/detangler do you use? I don't want something with major chemicals and I've heard many of them cause hair to fall out. Do you know more about this?

CLR said...


CLR said...